Delphi: I...

"And as the son of Glahir, brother of the Archangel, and Hernweh, whom your father killed, I challenge you to fight, I will have my vengance!"
I gazed at the boy and recognised him immediatley, I was only a small girl at the time but I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was the day I began to truly hate my father:
We ran through the forest, I was in his arms. His long stides didn't stop though he was tickling me, making me giggle. We stopped by a small house, I remember my father smiling as he looked through the window. He put me down and one of his servants held my hand. He'd made a loud sound, smashing down several trees like we did when we played together. A woman came out, scowling at my father, commanding him to leave. My father's awnsering laugh was cold and it frightened me. I saw a small boy behind the womans legs, an angel boy, he was tugging on her dress and asking what was going on. The woman spoke :'Nicas go inside' and thats when my eyes were covered and an ear-splitting scream echoed off the treetops. I caught a glimpse of the little boys face before my father scooped me up
the boys face was no longer flawless,it was stained with blood. Even at that young age I knew what had happened, he had done it for no more reason than he wanted to. I saw my father for who he was that day and I've hatewd him ever since, only going after him at the worst of times.

"Nicas, I-I...I am truly sorry, I know that doesn't even begin to make up for it. If you really want to fight me, go ahead. The thing is Nicas I hate my father to his undead core, I only use the I am his daughter thing to get his followers to stop. If it will make you feel better, if thats the only thing I can do to make up for your loss, I will fight you"

A tear rolled down my cheek as I thought of my mother and how he had used her for sustinance when I was a child. The darkness disappeared as I waited for his responsed, be it an attack or otherwise. I will fight him if he chooses

The End

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