Nicas: I got yer back...

Dracula's speech was, as anticipated, a long, drawn out boast. Kyle's, as anticipated, was almost non-existent. I almost laughed when he lobbed that rock at Draccy, he looked livid. Then Scarlet showed up, and everything went to hell. The only forces we could now count on were a few non-aligned vampires and all the girls, that cut our already meagre forces down another half.

'Ah, what the hell,' I thought, as I rose slowly above the battle, looking for a good strategic insertion point as the two groups closed for battle, 'I can't really think of a better way to die.'

As soon as Kyle's magic hit, I dived, landing heavily in the centre of the opposing force in a explosion of holy magic. For about three meters on all sides, everything died instantly, but this hole was quickly filled. With white fire burning all around me, I pulled out Darkcleaver and set upon the massed creatures with a vengeance, sticking back towards our own line. I could see the point where Kyle entered clearly. Enemies in front of him were flung through the air, often minus most of their limbs. I aimed for him, all in front of me falling to the glowing blade and silver stake. Occasionally, I would have to blast my way through a huddled group with magic, but the vast majority died, screaming, on my voulge.

Suddenly, I hit a lull, a gap in the battlefield where really shouldn't be one. Standing in the middle were two vampires, one I recognised as Scarlett, the other as Dracula's daughter, who's name I didn't know but who's face I would never forget.

"As the daughter of Dracula I command you!" she said, her voice deepening and darkening, black shadows burst from her, forming nightmarish shapes, that rapidly spread to cover everything around her.
For the first time in my life, I actually had to resist the dark, but it didn't take much.
"And as the son of Glahir, brother of the Archangel, and Hernweh, whom your father killed, I challenge you to fight, I will have my vengance!"
In retrospect, it sounded awful, like something out of a really bad film, but it had the desired effect. Both vampires turned to face me, and turned away from Kyle, who took this opportunity to stab a bolt of energy through Scarlett's back. With the two distracted again, this time focused of Kyle, the lull in combat allowed me to begin a spell: the Breaching Light.
The Great Death spell is, indeed, one of the most powerful spells in the world.

One of three.

The End

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