Delphi : War

I left my father for a minute and all hell breaks loose! I see Luna at his side, he was watching with great pleasure as people gave their lives away.

My eyes fixed on Scarlet, the one who had always been way too faithfull. She was trying to convince a boy to join the looks of it he refused as he spat at her feet, laughed and was tackled. The resistance force all fell, their necks snapping with a symltanious crack.

Scarlet leaned down to bite

"No!" I yelled

Scarlets head snapped up.

"Get off him Scarlet! I'm warning you"

Scarlet laughed, she doesn't know who I am, well usually I'd love that but this is just inconvenient.

"What are you going to do?"

It was my turn to laugh, I ran at her, releasing all the energy I had saved up, making a shock go through her entire body, making her fall. "that"

She hissed.

"Oh be quiet and bring back the army"


 My eyes grew dark "As the daughter of Dracula I command you" do I really sound that lame?

Her eyes were wide with shock and I stood, radiating darkness the way I had seen my father do before.

The End

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