My eyes and look had only the most glancing effect on Kyle and the angel, but at their full strength what did I expect? Now Kyle with his puny force was charging towards us, and he had already destroyed the first five rows of our force.


Without even the slightest flicker of movement I drew from my energy and a shield formed around myself. Dracula was shielding Luna and himself. I walked forward; two of the the opposition came to meet me. I smiled at them and they dropped to their knees. Such power.

"Defend me."

They picked up their weapons again and walked in front of me as I headed for Kyle. He was busy fighting and didn't notice me until he had slain the three vampires stood around him and turned to find me instead of Dracula. He paused, then pulled out his weapon.

"What do you want?" he spat.

"Join us Kyle." My voice reverberated around the field and half the fighting stopped to see what would happen. He laughed and spat at my feet.

"There's your answer Scarlett. Why don't you join us?"

I focussed my power and behind him three rows of his small army fell, their necks snapped. He stared then turned back to me.

"Join us Kyle." My voice was lower, almost pleading. I knew he would not survive if he fought against Dracula.

"No." The words hit me like a bomb and I blinked.

"Very well," I snarled, leaping at him and toppling him over. Crouched over him my fangs slipped out, "If you were being tortured to death in the castle instead of fighting this ridiculous battle I would probably make this slower." Slowly I trailed my finger down his chest.

"More, interesting." I felt him gasp. "But we don't have time. What a shame."

 I reached down to bite...

The End

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