Kyle: Will you shut it your boring evil....

" And that will be?"  Nicas asks.

" You'll see." I mutter then climb the stair of my newly created walls.

Nicas follows a little afterwards, he looked unhappy with my words. I could understand I really didn't seem to have a strategy, which is probably enirely true.  I looked down from the wall.

" Okay out of all of you who is good with spells that hit targets, and hurt or course the target with accuracy please step on  these walls first. Now who is better with medium range?" This continued I mixed the wall infantry with a brawlers for the walls then below the wall was building of med evil catapults , and other magic devices that will cause a lot of damage our broken smoking wreck of a school being protected was a bit of a joke but this was more for our welkl being then our the school.

All of this surprisingly took place within the hour , and as rag tag as we looked we could hold our ground. I hoped now unfortunetly had to motivate one more time, but what was I going to say? Fight hard live longer? That really didn't sound all that incredibly motivating. Well I will wing it.

" So we all know what we are facing right?" I yell in a voice that mocked our enemy.

" Vampires?" They say really depressingly.

" NO we are fight weak pansies who think that they're leader Draccy is worth laying down there lives down for.  Well their wrong , and we are going to prove these cowards who worship , and hide behind this fake god exactly what scum they are. I swear I will bring Dracula head to the stake , and you will have them turning tail!"  I yell at the top of my lungs.

As lame as my little motivationl bull was their spirits where lifted and everyone headed, to there post , and held their weapons with a new deamanor. Lets hope that this will last. I think to myself, then turn around to see draculas amry just cresting over a wooded hill. A few minutes later he stood outside of my wall, and began to laugh at it. Yep I think all hope that these guys once had just died.  Draccy stopped laughing and straightened himself out.

" Allright Kyle, I'm not too sure what kinda joke your trying to pull here but you got me." He says very seriously, and darkly.

I wanted to jump the gun , and frecking mop the floors with this guys blood. I had an hours time what did he want me to build? A freaking castle made of marble , that stretched into the sky , and dominated the land with its beauty but yet bears a presence of something you don't want to mess with. I couldn't do somthing like that in an hour. Not even in a year even if I wanted too.

" Anyways , I have buisness to attend too , and its going to get done wether this trash can of  a wall. All of you who wants to live relatively pain free I suggest your lay down your weapons , and walk outside of this..... Wall. For those who stand behind this um...... Wall , and stand agianst my unbeatable force be I shall warn you that the punishment..." I cut him short by throwing a rock at his face, which made a distinct wack sound , and he stumbled backwards.

" Will you shut it you boring evil bastard!"  I yell.

Dracula rubs his newly formed bruise and glares at me.

" Don't be a baby Draccy it was just I don't want to yawn." I taunt him. 

During this time about 25% percent of everyone who was on my side dropped they're weapons and walked out on me. Dracula regains his composure, and smiles.

" Well now that I have about 25 percent of your forces demon hunter it a good time to take the rest.Scarllet! Apear!" He shouts.

"What?"  I ask almost jokingly.

But beside Dracula's right appeared Scarlett with a crimson red dress , and bodice top. I do have to admit stunning but not fighting clothing, My eyes met hers , and I noticed a radical change they where purely black. What had Dracula done to her?  I take one moment longer to look inter eyes , and felt that she was trying to control me that way.

" Wow Dracula Your a sucker for a cheap product. Sure it will work , but you haven't played the cards right."  I'm half bluffing , here sure some people will fall into Dracula's hands but you never use something like that in the begining, never. Why? Because ten to one then energy that Nicas and I will use will disrupt her, and I knew for sure If I killedDracula she will be useless. If being the operative word. 

" You Demon hunter ,are a arrogant and will learn that soon enough." He remarks.

" Yeah whatever, This will all be figure out when your head is impaled on a steak." I counter , then start this party.

" Let do this thing." I say looking at Nicas.  Red energy swirled around both of my arms. I jump off my wall without fear looking at Draculas forces, " You are all royally screwed." I say loudly enough for them to get pissy and charge at me., " Twelve rings of light of light will destroy the darkness within." I say then plant both og my hands firmly onto the ground which emanated twelve rings of light like I said that destroys the darkness. Which anihilated  his 5 front rows of soldiers.

" Everyone this battles means your life , and freedom. Defend it with everything you've got!" I yell then all hell breaks loose Magic shoots from every direction  crushing vampires or other creatures.  I allow more red energy to encircve me. Weaker warriors shoot magic that bounces off me, and kills its caster. I see Dracula ahead , I pat my coat feeling a metal gothinc steak firmil held in place. A blade of concentrated magic forms in my hands , and a long anticipated battle begins.

The End

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