Nicas: kicking Kyle awake.

It only occurred to me just what I'd done after my foot had already connected: I had just kicked the living equivalent of a nuke. One with a very short fuse.
'Ah well, the hell with it, lets just get him up.'

After some 'persuasion' he finally came to, and noticed his sister. I was about to correct him on my not knowing her -hell, dad was trying to set me up with her at one point, and I shiver a little every time I remember that- but she seemed pretty intent on pissing him off as much as possible, and a sibling argument is not one you ever want to join. Thankfully, for me, she agreed to jumpstart Kyle, before disappearing with a wink in my direction. I shivered again, then Kyle turned to me, looking at me without hate for the first time in years,
"I have no clue what to do but maybe rallying up these guys, and some walls would just be dandy. Don't you think?"
"Walls? The hell? Drac's a vampire! Walls mean nothing to him!"
Kyle raised his eyebrow, then threw out his arm behind him. From the ground erupted a wall of earth and steel, with spikes all down the front.
"Vamps ain't the only thing out there, we got the whole mythological circus coming to town."
"Oh," I concentrated, for a moment extending my senses towards the approaching force. I could feel mainly vampires, of course, but Kyle was right: weres, minotaurs, a couple of gorgons, even a few dragonkin.
"We are so boned."
"Any plans?"
"Kill everything: don't die."
I put my head into my hands,
"Why did I even ask?"
Kyle turns back to look at the dark clouds that overhung the advancing army, and shrugged.
"Dunno. But in all seriousness, I have an idea that might just work..."

The End

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