Scarlett: Invisible and waiting

I watched Kyle and the angel from the distance. They wouldn't see me, what with being invisible and everything, and so I felt comfortable just watching.

I wondered what Kyle's reaction to seeing me would be. Especially dressed like this. I knew he had liked me, he'd practically thrown himself at me on a number of occasions, not including the time where he talked about feelings. Well in this dress with these eyes I was sure he would find it hard to concentrate in the field of battle, especially when he was recovering.

I watched as they started to put up barriers, with only an hour before the army was ready they were looking like a weak little un-organised crowd.

What would Kyle say after Dracula's speech when I appeared from no where? And before that, would he be grateful that it looked like I wasn't on Dracula's side? Would he hope that there was hope? I knew there could never be anything, not while Dracula owned my heart.

The End

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