Kyle: I'm apparently lazy and an idiot.

I feel a shapr kick to my right side.

"Get the hell up!" Nicas yells, " We have work to do!"

" If you haven't noticed Nicas ,  i'm done , no energy nada, I can't even move a muscle. So piss off." I say facing the compacted dirt. 

He kicks me harder his time , and I acually go far. I hit back first into a mound. 

" I guess you really do want too fight." I growl

" No don' you feel dracula's army? you felt just a moment ago." He yells.

Then I pieced it together really quickly.

" Ya thats bothersome for you." I say

" It wouldn't be if you moved your lazy ass!"

" I would move it but I can't."

"Bull!" He says angrily and runs forward to kick me in the face. 

The last moment I lazily evade the kick and slouch to my left.

" See you moved."

" Technically shifting weight." I shoot at him.

" Idiot." He punches me multiple times in the face.

Man this guy  was pissing me off. My arm shoots up , and grabs his neck , and I get up to stand tall.

" I knew you where being lazy." He says in I'm right tone.

My legs begin to shake , ready to give.  My arms does the same , and I drop Nicas to the ground.

Standing up felt like I was asking a little to much but let alone hold another man sized person was asking to much.

" I have no clue why you think I can keep going , I can' even cast a simple fire ball spell, let alone stand up." I say while my legs began screaming at me to stop moving. 

Nicas had a point I had to do something , I listened carefully and could here the march of Draccy's forces.Man Draccy pissed me off, he has lived to long plus he is a real bastard when it comes to killing innocents. In my no energy state I think of a plan. Yes I can think. 

" Where's Scarlett , the vampire you saw in the medical hall?" I ask.

" She dissapeared."

" Crap she probably trying to string me along this whole time then!" My faces turns to anger.

" Where the hell is my sister then, wait sorry you wouldn't know about her being here."

" Wrong he knows i'm here , just doesn't really care." I hear her annoying voice, " Why do you need me little bro." She giggles. 

" well since your good in a fight , and plus what kinda sister runs off on her brother when he is in need?"

" A smart one when their little brother is going to a war that he can't win."

" True , but your not smart so that doesn't matter." 

" Don't push your luck.| She growls, "I'm not going to join because I have this thing for not being in battles that can't be won.But hey I ' dont need it." She says. I feel energy forming around her.

"Need what?"

" Your an idiot Kyle." Nicas commentates.

She touches my shoulder then I suddenly feel a million times lighter.

" That should should jumpstart your process of making energy." Laura says then adds, " If you live I'll see you later , if you don't bye little brother."

" Thank you." I mutter I turn around and I could say we had about 2 hours before Draccy comes to be a major A**hole.

" I have no clue what to do but maybe rallying up these guys, and some walls would just be dandy. Don't you think?" I say turning to Nicas.


The End

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