Scarlett:The march

I could feel the power surging ahead of us, and I wondered if this was them preparing to fight us. But there was no way they could beat us. Behind me was the gigantic force Dracula had summoned. No one could beat us, I was quite sure. To Dracula's left was Luna, who had begrudgingly joined in the march, she couldn't argue. I had been chosen for Dracula's right, not because I was his favourite, that was Luna's role now, but because I was, after him, the strongest.

I had chosen my outfit very carefully. To me this was very important, because my favourite power i had acquired from Dracula was that of charming. With the right look and the power of my eyes, only the most powerful, such as Dracula, and possibly Kyle and that angel, could resist. And even they, if weakened by the battle, would fall in to my trap.

My dress matched my hair, both a bloody crimson in the anticipation of battle.  And the cut of my dress; a bodice-like top over a floor length skirt, with the huge slit down the right side, and the long sleeves which finished in points on my hands was the most perfect thing I had ever worn.

 My purple iris' had changed in to black, they covered the entire of my eye balls, like huge pupils. I had to say, I did like the way my eyes looked when they were like this, I felt powerful.

Overall, I felt that no one would be able to look upon me without falling to my will. Dracula waved his hand, and I came to his side. he touched my arm and I became invisible. I would not appear until Dracula had made his speech, and we had seen how many of the students would willingly come over to our side. just as they prepared to fight, i would appear from behind Dracula, and the majority would fall to their knees.

Victory would be ours.

The End

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