Kyle: Don't ..... Help.......ME!

He slices forwards sending me across the field. I was burning up alot of energy maintiaining this demonic form.  I slide beside Nicas who know showed his proper colours.

" I can help!" He says.

I turn my head and my pupils narrow.

"Don't you will only get in my way, and I will hurt you if you do." I say still with the demon voice. then leap forward sword tip pointing at my adversary gaining energy.  The two blades meet causing a major swirl of highly concentrated magic to destroying the school grounds.  I don't hesitate to continue attacking my enemy sending magic , and energy violently around us.  A few minutes of consistent blocking and countering he gains the upper hand and gets three slices of concentrated magic I fly backwards. Landing on the ground weakely my demonic form give my eyes return to normal , and I bleed heavily on the ground I look finished.

" Is that it?" He says walking towards me.

" No." I say slowly getting up holding my hand over a wound that sliced through my heart, My right hand looses its glow as it heals the fatal wound.

I hear Nicas voice in my head.

" Now do you want help?"

My enemy walks towards me taking his time thinking that I probably had nothing left.My breathing was heavey.

"Don't.......Help........ME!" I yell but with no real force behind it 

" Kid you really won't last much longer , your previouse strength is gone, look your swords magic isn't even all that concentrated anymore." He sneers.

" Don't think you've won so easily." I shoot back.

I gather what I have left but add something new instead of just having magic floating around me I put my hands together which begins to have an reaction life , and death never mix well. 

I begin to run forwards, my enemy smile and lifts his sword and swings down casuing a wall of energy to stop my charge. I let my own sword dissapate and runinto the wall using my hands to Diverge the enemy. I run towards his sword, which I tap and it dissapates. He stares stunned.

" I never understood why this would happen but now it all make sense, life , and death put together cancels everything out even kills immortals." I say as I grab his arm.

" Ha you think you've won there is more people like me and they hunt you kid they hunt you. Why do you think its just you and your sis." He grins as he dissapates.

I would answer but he is gone. I fall to my knees, then unto my chest I had nothing left, The world was blurring out. I could feel something evil though it was Dracula , but beyond dracula's evil presence was the presences of many vampires.I Hear footsteps walking towards me.

"" You feel that?" Nica's says

" Yep, and I think I'm going to take a snooze rate here." I say half regestirring what was going on.

The End

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