Nicas: you couldn't tell?

'Whoa, Kyle has changed.'
'Really? I didn't notice!'
I looked round at Scel, wiping Kyle's spit off my feathers, she seemed to have been quite badly affected by the light from his arm. Then I remembered the look he had given her, Kyle didn't do that to just anyone.
And he spat at her.
"Wait, you know that guy?" I said, offering her a hand up.
"You're an angel?" She asked back.
For a moment I was genuinely shocked, how could she possibly not know?
"You couldn't tell? The wings, the the hell didn't you see it?"
Well, that explained why she tolerated my presence, rather than trying to messily disembowel me like most of the other demons I had met. Remembering the vampire girl who had been with us, I looked round to see if she was ok, but she had disappeared, when I looked back, the demon had gone too, leaving a black scorch mark on the ground.

'F**k, this is bad. We just pissed off Kyle, a vampire and a demon.'
The reduction of my aura, my 'presence' Kyle had called it - amateur-, had seemed to have the effect of dulling my mental perception of my surroundings, so the medical bay was now needless (and the staff were mostly cowering behind their desks at the moment). I looked at my timetable again. Going to class seemed as sensible as anything else right now, at least surrounded by others I had a chance of gaining allies in a fight. And with Kyle angry, a fight was going to happen sometime.

I ran through the corridors, flying straight up the centre of the wide stairwell to the second floor, which probably would have gained more attention is several fay hadn't been doing the same thing at the time, one of them gave me a brief nod as he sailed on past me to the fourth. I landed lightly this time and continued to run towards the classroom where my lesson was already in progress. I almost burst through the door, staggering to a halt only just outside and stumbling in, breathing heavily. I didn't normally run for too long without flying, so I was a little out of practice. Every eye in the class suddenly turned to me, except those of a couple sitting in the center of the room: it was that damned vampire and his fairy girl again.
I mumbled an excuse to the teacher, who handed me a late slip and told me to sit down. With a rising sense of dread, I scanned the class, only to find that the only remaining seat was driectly behind the cute fairy girl, who seemed to have only now noticed my presence in the class. The vamp was whispering something to her, and she nodded, I caught the whispered 'Dracula' as I walked past, and I could have killed him right there and then.
'I bloody knew it!' I almost screamed, but kept silent, 'The demonic c**t is searching out new blood and this prick's bringing him a fay as a snack!'
Again, I would have to wait, attacking him in class was not going to be a good move.

The teacher seemed to have noticed their conversation too, and ordered them to shut up and get back to work, but it wasn't long before they were whispering again.
"I'm scared Tyler." The girl said, "I'm scared of what we have to do so I can be safe."
'Getting away from him would be a start.' I thought, but didn't look up.
"I'll be here for you." Tyler replied, with what sounded like genuine feeling, "We'll get rid of Dracula for good, then you can feel safe."

I froze rigid, then replayed what I had just heard again in my head. This changed everything. Vampires sworn to their Lord's fealty couldn't say ill of him, even if they wanted to, this one of the requirements of being in his service, if memory served. I was just about to break into their conversation, to offer my assistance, when there was a noise like a thunderclap outside, and all the windows blew in.

Tyler instantly threw himself over the girl, taking a large shard straight to his chest, but he ripped it out without so much as a wince. Spreading my wings out again, I managed to cover the two students behind me from the flying glass, before running over to the windows to see what was going on. In the field outside, Kyle was standing in a deep crater, both arms glowing intensely as he rallied his magic against a dark entity hovering in the sky above him, and yelling in a demonic voice. I heard the first syllables of the Great Death spell, but managed to duck and cover my ears before it was finished. The shockwave that followed was even worse than the first one, but this one I was expecting.
Kyle had tried that spell on me before.
Last time we met.

Luckily for me, surviving the heat of the sun's core is one of the things an angel can do, unluckily, it leaves quite a mark doing so. I still carried the black scars from that last fight on my back and chest, and they still hurt at night.

But this was the day, midday, I confirmed with a glance at the clock, I was more powerful now than at any other time. I stood up and concentrated, and felt a heavy object drop into my hand. It was Darkcleaver, my voulge. Eight feet of reinforced oak, grown on holy ground and consecrated by the Pope, tipped at one end with a silver spike, and at the other by a three foot blade of meteorite steel, riveted into the oak by nails welded by my father's holy flame. It was a weapon only an angel could wield. It had been my mother's.
I turned to what remained of the outer wall of the room and blasted a hole in it with a beam of light. All my disguise had fallen off now, my hair was white, and my skin whiter. Both shone with the same intensity as Kyle's arm had, blinding the other students, both wings spread wide I leapt through the broken wall.
My fight with Kyle would have to wait.
I just hoped he would agree.

The End

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