Scarlett:Dracula again

"Master, forgive me. I return to seek your forgiveness for my outburst. And as a gift, I bring the news that an angel has arrived at out school."

"My Scarlett Lady. I knew you would not leave me. An angel you say? Interesting. I accept your gift."

"Thank you master." I rise and kiss his hand, then his cheek.

"But what of this Kyle?"

"You know I have no heart master, I cannot love anyone who does not have my heart."

"Ah, so this would come in useful then?" he said, swinging a brass key in front of me. "Your parents giving me your heart was a nice touch. It's how I knew you would be back."

"Yes master."

"Now I shall return in full force. We shall attack this school of yours. Anyone who wishes to join me may, and those who don't shall die. We march tonight!" 

The End

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