Kyle: One more just one more thing , and I swear!

I left, I was now even angrier then I never wanted to be, things go way to far south when I lose it. I have no clue why Scarlett was angry at me , then agian why should I care? , wait what was with that act with Nicas, anyways. Maybe it shouldn't bother me , but it did , and I had no clue what to do about it.  I kick open the exit making a unfortune kid on the otherside fly across the courtyard.  I began to make quick moves to my house , and at the same time calm the hell down.  Just as I hit the school limits though  I feel the presence of hugely dark being bearing down on the school at highspeed.  Instinct takes over and I find myself  flying towards the dark beings with force.

I can hardly make out what the look like but I could definetly see a dark mist around them. I press a little harder to gain speed, it was like a game of chicken except it won't hurt.  I think. -BOOM- I collide into one of them , for a moment I linger suspended in midair between me and the being a pressure wave is formed then -BOOM- I  find myself hurtiling back to Terra Firma on fire.  I cast a water spell as my body augers into the ground shooting up soild, and other matter you find in the ground.  I stand my self instantly, this was the last rope! Around me the wind begins to comrpess and swirl as my eyes go from blue to intense blood thirty black, my voice also changes dramitcally from my normal human to a dark, harsh demononic voice.

" One more, just one thing just one more , and I swear!"   I yell as I see the being coming around to get me another time.

Flames fire at me at high intensity , they fail as they deflect my new level of strength. The being trys to slam into me but I grasp its hands and throw it to the ground , making one more crater on school grounds.  The being jumps back to size me up. I on the other hand had just lost it and felt like the whole world deserved to suffer.

" Black as the night,   the scorhing of a thousand burning suns, desperation of a man who searched the univers hundred times over, I bring you death!" I say one of the most deadly spells  on earth. 

The sun begins to focus in on my advesary. It momentarily becomes dark , as all of its light is directed on him. I can't see my foe inside the burning circle but I could feel its evil presence not fading.  My spell finishes and the drain on my energy is huge but I still hold a presence of menacing strength.Infront of me my foe lies very burnt but seems to be in a very good condition despite the fact he just experienced what it would be like to be in the center of our star. I don't flinch but do know that this meant this fight was going to be bloody , and brutal.

" Aren't you even slightly surprised I survived?" He asks.

I apear in front of the foe.

" Your not the first one I have ran into who has survived that spell. You should also know I have faced  the same spell , and lived, so its no real advantage." I remark.

" Good since coming here from the other plain I've been disapointed by the selection so far. He says then grabs my neck and throws me  into the sky, I flip around and begin to manipulate the air to stop my self.  In my right hand I begin to focus magic and create a large blade that is ridicoulosly large. My adversary doese the same.

" Ho, boy this is gonna be fun!" He laughs the charges , and leaps forwards gathering energy to cut me down with. I do the same, but in the end I block this major force of energy that pushes me back slightly as we both stay in the air.

" Too slow , and rigid , my friend!" He cackles madily then I feel my right shoulder explode with blood, " Why don't you show that feroicouse speed from earlier?" 

I appear behind my foe and slice my blade down creating an arc of magic towards him that he tries to block but fails miserably. I appear before him then slice his body multiple time shredding him.

" Because that take all the fun of it." I say madly as he slams into the ground.

The man gets up from the middle of another crater, and licke his lips he bleeds heavily but heals amazingly fast.

" Your not going to have to worry about that , my freind."

" Good!" I say and we both collide into eachothers blades causing a flash of highly volitile magic.

The End

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