Scelestic: Me + light = ow

 So Nicas and I were walking down to the med. centre chatting about this and that. He seems different to Atrox (who I forgot completely), but he just has this thing about him that kinda draws you in, and his body WOW. But then when we get to the centre that stupid bloodsucker was there and was all like “Are you new” lame and cheesy. To which Nicas raised his eyebrows- Scarlett smiled and I glared at her getting ready to inflict mental pain, but before I could do anything else, I was blinded by a bright light.

 S**t, that hurt, but I couldn’t move, luckily before anything drastic could happen Nicas spread something over me, to protect me. Then I heard someone I really didn’t want to hear;

 “Yeah he is new. He is a frekin’ angel.” says none other than the ‘Magnificent Kyle’ himself, luckily without that stupid sister of his.

 “It would be nice to hide your presents a little better; you’re turning me into a very bright light bulb." He then says talking to Nicas.

 Nicas goes a little red and then after a minuet of realisation he makes the light, which was actually coming from Kyle’s arm, fade down to a small glow. Which was much better as I could then start to get myself together again before Kyle realises I’m here.

 “Why’s it still glowing?” Kyle asks, almost shouting.

 “Umm, well that’s as far as it will go. My father said something like this has happened before. And well, umm the person’s arm would start glowing when, we ahem, were within a 100 meter radius.”

 “And I’m guessing we refers to an angel. I didn’t need that sign I knew it already, if it weren’t for the obvious signs of your ‘look at me’ wings.” He then suddenly spotted me amidst him.

 “Oh and it looks like you’ve found a new friend.” He then literally spits at me.

 “Listen I will warn you only once, demons are bad work. They may look pretty from the outside but inside they are pure evil” I hiss at him but he just shot me a twisted look and then left, without any contact with Scarlett- who he is apparently pissed at (yes!).  When he was gone Nicas turned to me.

 “Wait, you know that guy?” Nicas asks me.

 “You’re an angel?” I ask him back.

The End

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