Nicas: Kyle, etc.

'Ok.' I thought to myself, 'Lets take stock of the situation. We have been approached by a demon, admittedly she is one of the most attractive beings we have ever met, but this doesn't change the fact that she is the same species as that soul ripper who tried to tear out our heart a few decades back. This is not good.'
For some reason that last bit just didn't quite make it through to those areas of my brain normally associated with action. The sheer fact that Scelestic was walking beside me seemed to counter-act the instincts I had to cut her in half and send her soul back to hell.
'This cannot be a good sig- oh thank the heavens.'
We had arrived at the medical bay, now, hopefully I could persuade myself to tear away from her and this whole incident would just blow over.

I was so very, very wrong. As we reached the waiting room, another extraordinarily beautifully girl, a vampire my mind, and eyes, told me.

"Hi!" she said, leaning forward just a little more than I would have deemed necessary, "Are you new?"
There was a small sound from the demon beside me, I glanced down just in time to notice the glare that she flashed the vampire. I had been on the receiving end of that look myself, when me and father had interrupted a feral werewolf during a hunt: 'This is mine.' it said, 'And I will kill you if you get in my way.'
It was NOT a look you wanted to be on the wrong end of. The vampire girl meerly raised an eyebrow in challenge.
', we are now stuck between a vampire and a demon, both of whom seem to maintain an interest in possessing us.  But, hey, look on the bright side: this could hardly get worse.'

Then the entire room was filled with blinding white light. Being used to such brightness, I was almost unfazed  by the sudden flash, but I could tell that the two girls were not so adapted. I reacted in the only way I thought feasible, spreading out my wings over them to shield their eyes. Then I looked up.

"Yes he's new. He's a freaking angel." I froze. I would know that voice anywhere, and my eyes merely confirmed what I already knew.
"It would be nice to hide your presence a little better , your turning me into a very bright lightbulb."
"Oh." My mouth was suddenly very dry,
"It's you." I had met Kyle before, several times. Our last parting had not been on the best of terms.
'Well,' said my inner voice, 'you can't say we didn't ask for it.'

The End

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