Kyle: Glowing with irratation

Scarlett left I didn't care , at the moment I wanted my arm to stop glowing. It glowed more at some points at the school. People where looking like somenone had finally got the better of me in a fight and cursed my arm. Laura also said she couldn't stand the putried educational places , and said she'll be back to probably piss me off later.  I turned a corner and a group of kids began to point and stare.

" You have a problem?" I growl.

The faces quickly turned from curiosity to  fear.

"No sir." 

" Good." I say then with a flick of my wrist everyone finds themself on the floor.

I hated to admit but I looked like a f***ing retard with my right arm glowing like this.  I think to myself, there was nothing I could do though to stop the idiotic glowing though well unless Laura knows. I come around another corner , then it became ridicously bright , It was blinding students.  Alright  thats it I going to get something to cover this thing up.  First place to get a spell to kill bio-magic light was the medi bay.

" Are you new?" I hear scarlettes voice.

I pass through the door , and my arm finally reaches a new set of brightness it blanked out the room the other lights on.

" Yeah he is new. He is a freakin Angel." I growl, " It would be nice to hide your presents a little better , your turning me into a very bright lightbulb." I say looking into the Angels eyes , I've seen him before.

The End

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