Scarlett:Back at school

Nothing on this earth will make me tell anyone what had happened last night. But the bruising along my arm that had been caused by the fall from... well, the fall, still hadn't gone away, which for a vampire was pretty impressive. I was sat outside of the nurses office waiting for  her to finish with some young goblin, and watched Scelestic and a new boy coming down the hall. And he was gorgeous. I mean gorgeous. Much nicer looking than Kyle...Crap...I promised myself I wouldn't think of him. It is just not happening. It would be so much easier if I had my heart back. Our family has a weird tradition, that women are not allowed to feel. They're supposed to do whatever the men say, and this is how I was brought up. So I fight against it as much as I can. And speaking of which, here's the newby.

"Hey," I said, twisting my hair and leaning forward to display my...ahem...assets, "Are you new?"

The End

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