Ruby: I can't sit still

Tyler and I got a few funny looks as we sat together in class.  I couldn't sit still, my hands had to be doing something.  First it was fiddling with my pen, then my hair, then my skirt.

'Calm down Ruby.  He can't get us here, you know that.'  Tyler's soothing hand on mine made me feel a little better.  The entrance of a new guy made me feel better still as it drew the attention away from us.

I could feel his eyes on me as he walked to the empty desk behind us.  There was something different about him that I couldn't put my finger on.

'OK then so we need to find support.'  Tyler was thinking out loud again.

'I'm sure that won't be hard, there are plenty who don't like Dracula, it's just getting them to say so.'

'Ruby and Tyler.  Is my lesson interrupting something?'

'No Mr Beesley.'

'Then get on with your work.'  There was a pause as we did as we were told.

'I'm scared Tyler.   I'm scared of what we have to do so I can be safe.'

'I'll be here for you.  We'll get rid of Dracula for good then you can feel safe.' 

The End

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