Nicas: better the demon you know...

The directions to the medical bay led me back towards the entrance doors. The crowd wasn't so bad now, and I had started to get a grip on my senses, so it wasn't nearly so bad on my head. A quick glance at the door confirmed that the fairy and the vampire were still there.
'Still looking, eh?'
I tried to drown out the inner voice by reading my newly acquired timetable. I was just thanking my lucky stars that I had missed english and maths by being late when I felt a demonic force approach me. I sped up just a little, not enough to be noticeable, in the hopes that she wasn't coming to me. But she caught me up and turned to me with a smile, forcing me to stop, I turned to face her, and was about to snap something about being late to class, then stopped. She was gorgeous. Really, really, jawdroppingly hot.

"Hey, never seen you around here before, when did you get here?"
For a second I couldn't reply, all the retorts I had lined up in my head took one look at her figure and hid themselves away at the back of my mind.
"Uh, yeah, I just got here. I was held up, and couldn't make it here for the first day."
Why the heck was she talking to me? Surely she could tell what I was? The parts of my brain that weren't being mesmerised by the creature in front of me were telling me that, as far as they could tell, she was very, very powerful. Demons didn't get that powerful without being able to recognise an angel when they saw one surely?
"My name's Nicas, by the way."
"I'm Scelestic, what do you think of the school so far?" She was twirling her long, black hair in her fingers in a way that was very distracting.
"I, uh, I quite like it; it's a nice building, and everyone I've met so far seems really friendly." And I really should be going, I have classes... For some reason that last part just wouldn't come out, I was finding it remarkably hard to find an excuse that I would accept to stop this conversation. 'Come on Nic, you're 400, for God's sake, you should be able to talk to a girl without seizing up!' Then I remembered, I needed to get to the sick bay.
"Look, I'd really love to stay and chat," that part certainly wasn't a lie, "But I need to head down to the medical block for a check-up."
"Oh, that's fine," she smiled beautifully, "I'm headed down that way anyway, so we can still talk."
'Great.' For the first time, I wasn't sure whether or not my inner voice was being sarcastic.

The End

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