Scelestic: fights and the new guy...

“Hello, how are you feeling?” Atrox says as he walks in with that perfect smile of his.

 “Ok, I guess”

 “Shall we have a look at your wound?” he asks and then he comes over and lifts my top to show the scar from my wound. It was hardly noticeable now with just a line going across the skin. If this had happened to anyone else they would have been in bed for three weeks.

 “I think I’m gonna go back… I mean its sooo boring not irritating anyone” I grin mischievously, I love doing that.

 “Maybe you should stay here another day just to get your strength back” he says, interrupting my delight.

 “No, I’ll be fine.” I frown at him- what?

 “No you stay here” he says sternly, “you don’t want to get hurt again”

 “Don’t worry, I won’t” I say getting ready to leave.

 “No!” he shouts, “you will stay here!” his eyes blaze like fire, and suddenly his body goes all rigid, what is he doing?

 “I will do as I want!” I shout back, and then I de-materialise to just outside school. Whoa, what just happened? We just had a big fight, over nothing? Gosh he is so narrow-minded.

 As I walk up the school drive there feels something different around in the air. I don’t know whether it’s just because me and Atrox had an argument or what? I get up to the school entrance and notice Ruby, Tyler and some other guy, who glares at me while deep in conversation, I just smile back and strut past. No it wasn’t him, hmm?

 Suddenly this guy, who I have never seen before, walks down the path, towards the medical bay. Oh My God. Wow. I stop him in his tracks, while making sure I look hot,

 “Hey never seen you around here before, when did you get here?” I ask and then waited for his reply.

The End

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