Nicas: a lesson in lessons

My wings caused a little bit of a stir as I walked through the school, 'Must not be any angels here', I though, 'Good. Less chance I might meet someone who knew my father.'  I'm I noticed a few demons amongst the crowds, they tended to stand out against the background clutter of vampires, lycians and fay, projecting their personalities at a greater volume than those around them.
'Makes them easier to hunt, doesn't it?' whispered the niggling little voice in the back of my head. 'Or maybe we could defy daddy completely and hook up with one!'
'It must be the headache', I kept telling myself. My inner voice wasn't usually this forward. I tried to drown out my internal argument by asking around a bit for the headmaster's office, and eventually found myself standing in a dull office, with an equally dull voice telling me what was expected of my behaviour.
"There is to be no violence on campus. That is absolute. Whatever you do outside is your own business, and the school cannot, and will not, help you in any way."
I nodded, barely paying any real attention as the voice droned on about legal issues and 'preserving and encouraging diversity'. The office was far away enough from the crowds that I could think clearly again, and my mind returned to the couple I'd seen at the doorway.
'My, my. We really do like her, don't we?' I winced as the though came into my head, 'No, for God's sake, I'm just-' my internal speech was cut short by the Headmaster, who had noticed the wince.

"I'm sorry, do you have a particular distaste for English Literature?"
"What?" I wasn't sure what the heck he was talking about.
"I was just discussing what classes you will be taking this year, you would seem to have not been listening, this is often the case, so I have had your timetable written out." He handed me a piece of paper with what seemed like a ridiculously large number of subjects.
"Given your family issues, we have taken you in as a boarding student, and thus you have much longer hours than some of your peers." he said, noticing the look on my face "And I think that you might appreciate a trip to medical to have a mind dampener to cope with your mind sensing abilities, you may find the congregation of magical talent rather trying otherwise."
I was genuinely shocked, and again, my face must have shown it, because he smiled, and explained, "While you are the first angelic candidate in this school, we still have a vast well of knowledge on your race, and their abilities. I'm sure they'll know just what to do."

I thanked him and, following the directions of a mage I met in the corridor outside, headed down to the medical bay to see what they could offer.

The End

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