Delphi : dinner

Luna was as pleased to see me as I was to see her. I saw my dad look at her in a way that I had never seen before....not like prey, but something alot more magical, dad. It made me smile and when I told Luna that I didn't mind her being my step-mum I knew she was embarressed. Luna's always like Count Fangula but has always been to scared to realise.

I stared off into space, disregarding the 'dinner' prepared for us....raw meat? How is Luna going to eat this? I'd have to get her something she can actually digest. I heard someone curse and smiled, "what a nice way to break the silence" I murmered. The girl was commanded to sit down and like most people she could not refuse.

"No! I dont like it here!" I watch as Luna storms out of the room, she seemed genuinely upset...and she disobeyed County

I watch with growing amazement as he runs after her, his servant mutters something and I scowl at him, "Who may I ask are you?" I shoot daggers with my eyes and wait for his reply.

The End

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