Kyle: Jwust cute

I rolled my head onto the ground; literally heartless huh?I actually didn't actually knew what that meant, Maybe she wasn't able to love? I sorta felt dissapointed. Perhaps it ment her heart belonged  to someone else? I didn't know , and I was gonna say something stupid , but then I could feel Laura's presents up above.

" Aww isn't thwat jwust cute." She says so childishly. Scarlett gets off me  ready to kill my sister but instead I push my self off the ground and hit Laura sqaure in the face , then grab her shirt and throw her to the ground.

" I can't believe I've only known you for a few hours and I can already understand why siblings are so annoying!" I yell at the semi Dazed Laura.

I turn back to Scarlett , " I'm sorry my newly found sister is a freaking fruit-cake." I mumble.

I was semi pleased though she came in before I said something stupid , but was actually not to sure what to say. Scarlett didn't reply to my sisters idioticness. She just looked to pissed to respond. I turned around facing the school.

" Whatever." I mumble , this all seemed soreal to me , but soon it felt like reality when I felt it , my right arm began to give off the white misty glow along with Luara's. before I could ask  Luara answered.

" That would be an angel , and yes you right arm happens to be related to them as your left happens to be related to agents of death."

" Oh fun." I mumble.

The End

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