Nicas: family issues

"Its a hell-hole, a cesspit of lower creatures, demons and filth! You should be killing those things, not fraternising with them!"

With my father's words still ringing in my ears, I landed heavily on the path that lead up to the imposing gothic building that would hopefully house me for the next several years. Brushing dust off my jeans, and swearing to myself to start wearing something more suitable for flying, I began to walk up the fairly rough road that lead to the front doors.

As soon as I came within range, my senses were assaulted from all sides. Within this building there were more supernatural beings than I had ever experienced before, and I could feel them all, vying for my attention. My father had always explained this ability as proof that were destined to hunt down the others, but now it was more a hindrance than anything else. I had to shut it down somehow, it was giving me a headache. As I passed through the doors I noticed a couple sitting on the steps, looking exhausted, in conversation with another being, who I couldn't quite make out. The boy was definitely a vampire though, and the girl seemed to be a fay of some sort. It made me feel slightly sick inside, the vamp was clearly just out seducing another prey item. One that would give him considerable power, no less. The poor girl was probably totally taken in by his act. I hissed through my teeth, "Bloody vampires".

But I couldn't do anything. Not here. I needed somewhere to belong, now that home was out of bounds, and brutally murdering a fellow student on the front steps AND being a day late would definitely not be a good way to start the term. I'd have to deal with him eventually though. What with Kyle's crusade and the decline of the fay kingdom, faeire folk were increasingly rare, and I couldn't let this bloodsucker cut down the population further just to get his fix. 'Besides' said an internal voice, 'she was kinda cute.' I hissed again, this was not a time to be thinking of girls, I had enough to worry about already.

The End

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