Roxy: Monkey Brains.

I wander away from the hunters and their vampy friend - interesting friends. I twirl around and through the woods to less... dense land. I skip happily to a building; hopefully 'Mummy' won't be here.

I push the heavy door open, my sharp nose automatically sniffing out 'magical' creatures. I tiptoe through the building, I pass a room, I stop my eyebrows narrowing as I reverse up.

My head tilts to the side as I peer in, I see an unconscious body on the floor - Oh dear, that's not good. I grimace to myself as I head back down the corridor, laughs and choruses of sound attract my ear, luring me to them.

I creep through a door to see Luna bent over a plate... My nose scrunches up at the horrendous smell, Relax Rox, at least there are no monkey heads. One voice sighs in my head.

If you are referring to her birthday, then you have to admit, it was pretty darn funny! Another voice giggles in my head; I grit my teeth surveying the room further.

I notice a face from Bram Stoker's book. Oh. My. Giddiard!

Dracula, himself, has risen from the dead! AGAIN! I'm guessing 'mummy' wasn't joking...

Wrong! A gleeful voice chimes happily in my head.

What do you mean. I think, ignoring the fact I'm talking to myself - but in another voice.

Look over there, third from Draccy's left. I lower my eyes, to the third person, I gasp recoiling further into the shadows.

"No way," I whisper, horrified. There's Mummy laughing and joking with the person she apparently wanted to run me away from. Yeah right, more like run you too him.

"Aww. Crapstickles!" I exclaim, leaning against the wall, eyes look up to me, I look up to see them. Their mouth drops down, almost to the floor.

The End

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