Luna: Friend

I paced angrily. How dare he lock me in here?

Then the door handle turn. I jumped into a defensive position. Then the door opens.

I scream. "Delphi" I pull the girl into a hug.

"Wow, Luna" Delphi says smiling. I step back.

"Look at you" I say shocked but shaking my head.

"Yeah, looking good aren't I" She says smiling. Then it hits me.

"You've talked to your dad?" I whisper.

"Yeah" she says shrugging. "I shocked his servant pretty good"

I smile then Dracula steps in. "We will be dinning out tonight" he says calmly. I go white and he smiles at me.

"Don't worry, a normal meal" he says smiling evily. Then he turns on his heels and leaves.

"Hm, still scared?" She asks. I nod unable to speak my stomach still churning slightly. "You know Luna I wouldn't mind you as a step mum"

"It's not like that" I exclaim and we begin to fight. Deadly for someone normal but not for us.

The End

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