Scarlett:Not good

Oh no. The question I was hoping he wouldn't ask. My nature told me to crush him like a child and make him hurt. But somehow I just couldn't do it. Not with the look on his face. Holding on to my every expression, waiting with baited breath for my answer.

"Oh Kyle...I, I can't..."

"What do you mean you can't? DO you like me or not?"

"Sure. I mean you're really nice, and different, but I can't, can't do anything.."

"What do you mean? Don't try and let me down easily. I want to know what's happening!"

I sighed and turned away. i was going to have to show him. And that pained me more than anything. I felt Kyle grab my arm roughly to make me face him. I pushed him to the floor and jumped on top of him. I opened the top of my corset and showed him...the scar.

My heart had been cut out and left a huge scar above my left breast. He stared, then his head rolled back on to the grass.

The End

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