I ran through the forests, the wind whipping through my hair. I had spent my life running from my father and now I was running towards him? It was maddness, I was crazy if I thought I could stay at the school I had wanted to go to after this.

The scent was very potent and I followed it down a long, winding corridoor. There stood my father with his forever loyal servant. I scowled in his direction "Father"

His face twists into a smile "Delphi, my daughter, it's been a while"

I scowled, sending shock waves in his direction "Save it. I know you've been on a killing spree, and I know about every other trouble you have caused aswell" I growled.

I saw his servant raise an eyebrow "Who is this master?"

"This, is my daughter, Delphi"

The End

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