Loki: torture

I woke up inside the place of Dracula. It was pretty dark, and murky, but that’s the way I like it. It makes me think of when I was here before and what we used to do here, like luring giggling girls back here to feast on. And the rush it used to give me.

 I got up and started to walk towards the room in which I could sense Dracula. I quietly open the door, thinking he would be alone to find him standing there with two people I vaguely recognise from school.

 “What the-” my voice echoes throughout the stony room.

 Why would he want them? I’m the loyal servant who has followed him for many a century. He even gave me the honour of being fed from. I glare at him but he just dismisses it.

 “Come Loki, I need you.” Suddenly all the anger has gone and is replaced by gratitude. He empowers me, gives me strength. Nothing matters anymore just him.

 “So we need to test Jason’s powers, and I need you to help.”

 “I will master”

 “Good, first I want to test his powers. Lets see how good he is at torture.”  I was frightened but I knew that it was all for him, and for him I dedicate myself totally.

 “Go on then Jason, NOW!” he cried.

  I caught a glimpse of Jason’s face, he looked scared. Why should he, Dracula is the greatest thing ever. I smirk at him, he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.

 But I soon stopped as he hit me full blast with his torture spell, sending me backwards and land on the wall. I tried to get up but the excruciating pain was sizzling around me, which paralysed my limbs and made me writhe in pain. I would have yelled out but my speech was stopped by my throat closing up and I could only manage gagging noises. My vision was slightly impaired as all I could make out was blurry shapes standing over me. This goes on what seemed like forever, I didn’t really care though, and I just kept telling myself this is for the good of my master. I then heard Dracula faintly say stop, and slowly the pain went away.

 He then looks at Jason for a moment and says

 “You have done well with such a piteous thing as this, will you be able to handle my more harder task?”

The End

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