Luna: Task done

I took a deep breath and looked at the place Jason was. I'm not sure he lived here but he was here.

Okay he deffinetly didn't live here cause it was a shop. What would he be doing at a shop at night?

I mean it was close to morning again but still.

I stept in and thwack.

"Jason" I exclaimed. He blinked then smiled.

"Hi Luna what you doo-o-oing" he extends the last word as I drag him out of the shop.

"Sorry about this" I whisper. Then I teleport and this time I don't fall. I push Jason towards Dracula and his eyes widen.

He looks back at me. I mouth 'sorry' once again.

"Ah, great your task is done" Dracula says smiling. He straightens himself up he looks like he was hunting.

Scary thing about Dracula he can change at any second.

"Well, Jason. I have a spell for you to perform" Dracula says smiling. "Perform it and I'll let you live"

I wince and turn my head away. "What the-"

We all turn are heads to see who made the sudden shout.

The End

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