Ruby: So cold

Hours later I was woken up by the sound of something outside.  I was curled in a ball on the floor and there was no sign of Tyler.  It was freezing so I pulled all the blankets I could find around my shivering body.

I'll wait for him to come back.  Time passed and still he didn't come back.  It's fine, he's just keeping watch, he'll be just outside.  I knew this wasn't true but I had to tell myself that to make me feel safe.

Then I heard it again, a crunch of twigs and I backed up against the wall of the shed, shrinking into myself and trying not to make a noise.  It's just an animal.  Calm down Ruby.

Whatever it was grew closer and closer, I had stopped breathing by the time it had reached the door.  Please don't find me.  I heard the door creak as it was pushed open.  I nearly screamed.

'Good, you're awake.'  I let out a sigh of relief, it was Tyler coming back.  I ran to him and threw my arms around him.  'What's wrong?'

'Nothing, I just missed you.'  We kissed and yet again he was the first to pull away. 

'We need to move, Dracula is hunting us down.'  He took my hand and we ran back out into the forest.

'Do you know what it is he wants from me?'  I let go of Tyler's hand so he would stop.

'Your power.'

'I don't have a lot of power, relatively speaking.'

'Can't you see it?'  He put his hands on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eyes.  'You are overflowing with it, you would keep Dracula strong for thousands of years.'  His arms dropped and he continued running.

'Wait.'  I ran after him, taking his hand as we fled through the trees.

The End

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