Kyle: The talk

Scarlett Decked Laura in the face. I couldn't agree less the nutter was being quite annoying.  I still felt like crap from my beating that Laura had given to me but continued to walk forwards with scarlett with ever once in a whilemaking sure she wasn't following. Once we both agreed it was okay to talk.  I began with.

" Thanks , I'm happy you came back."

" No problem."   She replied.

I sorta hated to get to this point but I didn't feel like becoming one of Draccy's servants or prisoners.

" When you left you said to Dracula that he wanted me to be his ally. Now I'm sorry but I have no such intentions , and can't help feeling that's why your trying to be on my side.  So my question is. What exactly are your intentions?Do you actually have feelings for me"  This was the first time in a long time I had said something seriously with out ego. It was also horribly corny.

It sorta hurt to say it but the consequences of not asking this may be very bad. It was silent as I waited for her to reply.

The End

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