Scarlett:Sarcasm Gene

"That's not good is it?" Kyle said from the floor as blood poured from his mouth. Sighing I cut my wrist, putting it towards him. He shrank away.

"No way are you turning me in to a vampire!"

"Oh shut up Kyle, it's not going to turn you in to a vampire, just drink before you get blood on me."

Laura said from the side "Oh no! Not your precious clothes!" In a sarcatic voice.

"No, more like your precious life" I muttered, forcing my wrist on to Kyle's mouth. He struggled for a moment, and then his eyes locked, and he began frantically drinking. I sighed, the feeling of the blood flowing from me was painful, but also enchanting. Some how I managed to pull away, although every bone in my body was telling me to let him drink me dry.

Kyle gasped and wiped his mouth.  "Now I know why everyone wants to drink you guys!"

"Yeah well, don't think everytime you're injured you can just take a sip."

"Oh don't act like you didn't like me drinking from you." I shrugged and turned away, but he grabbed me. "Anyway, I think we need to have a word."

"Oh dear, has my little brother been having relationship problems?" Laura was being patronising, and she was lucky I was in a good mood, plus feeling a little dizzy from the loss of blood, or else I would have killed her right there. Instead I settled for the word attack.

"Didn't know there was an sarcasm gene, but I can see you got that."

"Your just as dumb as you look aren't you? There's no such thing as a sarcasm gene."

"Didn't say there was."

"Didn't say there was."

"Alright, that is it!"

"Alright, that is..." My fist slammed in to the side of Laura's face, and she went flying through the air, slamming in to a tree and splitting it in half.

The End

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