Scelestic: dreaming?

I was running, constantly running. I don’t know why and I don’t know what for, all that I knew is that I had to keep on running. I was breathing heavily, and feeling like everything around me was getting more enclosed and if it was possible darker. I then hear a voice, its laughing at me;

 “You can run but sometime you will get tired and will have to stop”

 I look around to see who is saying this but I cannot see anyone. I keep on running and then I get to the edge of a hill or cliff, with a very long drop.

 “Well this is where it ends Scelestic, this is where it finishes.”

 Then through the darkness I see red glowing eyes.

 I wake up with a start, and see Atrox looking at me worried.

 “Scel calm down everything’s ok, I’m here, your fine”

 I then realise that I am screaming which probably didn’t reassure him I was any better. That was really weird, I never get ‘dreams’.

 “Hey do you want me to get you some painkillers or something?”

 “No, I’m fine, it’s just…” I stop, something tells me I shouldn’t tell him about my dream.

 “Never mind it was nothing.”

 I sigh, what is up with me?

 “Ok well tell me if you need anything.”

 “Will do” I reply.

I look into his eyes, and I see something that I don’t like, like he has secrets. I put it off, he’s changed and we need to start trusting each other again.

 “Hey I was wondering, when your feeling better, shall we go and get even?” Atrox asks. I smile at him,


The End

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