Kyle: What?

After they leave I make sure no one else was hurt. Scarlett seemed okay, Laura didn't really hit anyone , Roxy didn't even fight so we sorta got out unscathed. 

" Well , that was spontaneaous." I mutter walking off to my house.

" Hey, where do you think your going?" Laura asks. 

" Home." I say waving a hand dissmisevlly

"Oh no you not!" She replies then I find my self flying through the air and crashing into the ground.  Laura stood in front of me and Scarlett appeared beside me with the are you alright? Facial expression.I say before she could ask.

" I'm fine."

" Good." Laura replies balling a fist up.

" What the hell is wrong with you?" I say catching her fist. 

Roxy was sitting up on a tree giggling

" Family issuse gone amess?"

" Not really he just need to find the basis of what he is." My sister growls , " and to do that he needs to come near death."

" Isn't that a little sadistic?" I ask which was answered by a direct punch to my face.

I go flying though the forest she was following me as I flew uncontrollably in the air and crash through a tree. I stand up and intercept a ball of flame with my body. I felt so uncoordinated. As I fell to the ground on fire that extuingish with a lesser water spell. Then I get a full forced punched powered by Laura which sends me deep into the earth. 

My vision blurs and darkens as I squint for light. Laura pulls me out and I could see my left arm is shroded in a black smoke like aura and my right one white misty glowing smoke.

" What , what is up with my arms." I ask weakly.

" Ones death, and one life. Put them together you can give or take immortality." Laura explains.

" So that must be why Draccy must want me on his side." I comment as my head begins to come alive agian.

Scarlett walks into view.

" That wasn't really near death experience." She comments.

" You should look agian most of his organs are crushed." Laura says.

that when I began to taste blood in my mouth.

" Thats not good right?"  I say.

The End

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