Scelestic: pain

Oh crap oh crap. What the hell just happened? (Ironic much?)

 Roxy decided to come and interrupt our fight, and then suddenly I remember getting really cold, very quickly. I struggled for a second or two and then burst through the ice. I then sent a mass of pain at Kyle but he sent a pillar of ice at me, which I then blasted with fire, it consequentially smashed into a thousand tiny diamond pieces.  He then suddenly appears beside me and before I can react, and slices my abdomen. And I went into a world of pain. I could hardly move. Ow, ow, ow, ow. Atrox must have realised I was in agony, as he picked me up and ran off through the wood, and after a couple of meters we materialised back at his place.

 “Come on Scel, we need to get you cleaned up” he takes me upstairs and lays me on his bed. He then bandages up my wound, already healing, luckily we heal quickly.  

“It’s cut quiet deep, that will take quiet a few days to get any better” he then hands me some tablets to help the pain. He wipes my tears away and lays down on the bed next to me.

 “Just get some rest now, I will here if you need me” he then kisses me lightly on the forehead. Wow, he is so amazing, and so good to me. I close my eyes already feeling relief from the pain.

"Thank you" I croak before falling into a restless sleep.

The End

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