Kyle: Fire and Ice

I hit the ground feeling immense overloading of pain signals. I temporarily blinded by pain to notice the fight. As I roll in pain I come back to the fight by hitting the ground causing a small earthquake undernath scelestic to have her distracted enough to release me from the pain.  I get up to see that Scarlett had tried attacking scelestic head on. That wasn't going to work well atleast straight away. Roxy comes over the treeline barily visible over the flame arena.

Luara asks who she is rudely. There the second family resembelance.

" Are you Kyles mom?" Roxy shouts over the small warzone.

" Am I what?" She says looking infuriated.

The arena went quite all the sudden as the two demons luagh and Laura looks like she going to be ripping some heads off.  I didn't lift my mind off the battle I was just  thankful someone provided a distraction.  Energy slowly builds up around me as Laura begins to explain that she is my sister. 

from the palm of my hand Ice begins to surround scelestic, and Nullify her flame abilities. The battle begins agian full force. I appear before Atrox he looked like he was In the surrender posistion as my hand stays just above his throat, with a sorta compressed magic formin a schenk under my arm.  As I make the side slice across his neck scelestic blows the Ice prison up.  She tried to send me into pain but I had a pillar of ice smash into her and it exploded when it met her flames.  I appear beside her slicing across her abdomen with the focused magic. She tried to retalliate but Atrox grabbed her and retreated into the woods.

mini war one - is a draw.

The End

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