Roxy: Lemon.

I run down back to the main bit of school, my lungs boiling with oxygen (for me, even that's currently possible). I don't hear any perusing steps, I don't turn back though, I shudder to think what I'll find there.

My legs pound the ground beneath my feet, almost as quickly as my heart pumping in my chest. I turn around a corner, and sprint down the concrete ground into the woods. I run for ages, trying to get away from 'Mummy'. Loud bangs catch the attention of my ears, drawing me like a moth to a flame, I immediately wish I hadn't been so easy to lure.

It seems like World War III is happening here, in the middle of the woods (whatta setting). I see Kyle, Scarlett and someone looking just like Kyle (must be a relative, his mother maybe?) fighting that daemon girl and... Oh, my, Gods! Is that... Is that Atrox? As in her ex? Wow, things happen fast around here.

"Who are you?" Kyle's relative yells accusingly at me, Charming, how positively charming.

"Roxy," I scream above the bangs, "Are you Kyle's Mum?"

"Am I WHAT?!" I'm guessing not then, my bad... Why is it quiet? Oh... Great, trust you Roxy to make an awkward situation out of a mini war. Well done, you bloody idiot.

The End

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