Roxy: Running beans

"Listen we really do not have enough time for this, what can you do?” ‘Mummy’ says frantically as she collects some of my belongings and shoves them into a bag. Let me tell you this, this woman is very good at blocking her thoughts from me. Shame I’m in the process of pinching her powers. Ha-ha.

“Shouldn’t you know?” I say in mock horror, “I mean, you are my mother, are you not?” I tilt my head to the side, and this is why you have no friends, Rox. I smile ruefully at that thought, then shake it away like a bad itch.

“Yes I am, but if we don’t move, as in right now, some very powerful people are going to come after us.”

“Why?” I ask, my defiant tone back, again, I smile.

She sighs rubbing the back of her neck. “Have you ever... irritated a vampire?”

I raise an eyebrow, have you? More than likely in one of your mad spats, “I suppose so, although none of them had tried to suck my blood...” My eyebrows narrow in thought.

“Right, well I have.”

My brow rises again, “Really?”


I lean in, “Who?”

She grits her teeth, “Doesn’t matter.”

“Y’ see, you keep saying that, and expect me to run along with you, so please, tell me: who have you pissed off?”

“Well... I think it was Dracula, bu-”

I cut her off with howls of laughter. “DRACULA?! You mean the fictional Bram Stroker character, y’ know the one that died at the end... Dracula,” I laugh his name out rubbing tears from my eyes. Classic, absolutely classic!

‘Mummy’ looks down at me with disapproving eyes, “You don’t get it do you? Dracula is here and on a power hunt, he needs more power to keep strong.”

Something twigs in my brain. “How do you know all of this?”


“How do you know? How could you possibly know all of this?”


“Bull.”She looks awkward, as if she regrets coming here. “You work for him, don’t you?” She sucks her mouth in slightly, nodding shortly.

“Brilliant, so what? Did you just decide to feed your so-called daughter to the master of all predators?” I ask shortly. She doesn’t answer.

I get up, heading for the door. “Oh no,” she says slyly behind me, “You’re not going anywhere.” I turn around and duck the fire ball she sends at my head. “You are coming with me!”

“Not bloody likely,” I create my own version of a fire – thankful for the first time in my life for my gift – and throw it at her, singeing her hair, the other man comes up behind me, I turn on my toes, knee him in the gut, jump over him and run out of the building. As fast as I possibly can.

The End

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