Kyle: Hell on earth

I was groggy, she just hit me away with a flick. I couldn't explian on how small I felt I could see my ego disentergarating before me and my confidence was dropping. In my head I justified my failure and regained some former stature. Laura began to walk towards me when Scarlett materealized before us. She had more strength then she had left with. What did Dracula do to her?  Scarlett looked at my pittiful looking condition , She didn't even hesitate to engage Laura in battle.  Did she actually care for me?  In seconds the two injured eachother equally, this made me feel even weaker since I didn't even leave a mark on Laura.  Then I realized this had to stop.

" Would you two stop that?" I yell. They didn't seem to hear me.


They both turn to me.

" Thank you." I say slowly regaining my composure, " Why are you too fighting? Scarlett this is my sister, Laura Scarletts my, my."  I wasn't sure what to call her. Was she my friend? was she trying to use me? Or are we somthing else? Before I could say anything another voice rang out, a male demon's voice. 

" Damm never stop a catfight." 

Never cross me viel creature! I think in my head as magic , and energy forms dangerously around me. Laura felt the change in strength in me , and figured she wasn't fighting my fighting mood.  Scelestic was there too , and began to talk to Laura. Great she even knew I had a sister.  Hey friend or should I fix that boyfriend is named Atrox.

Never met him before but from what I could tell from him he was out of his leauge in this fight. The two kiss, wow that was just lame. We toss a few insults at eachother. Then it begins an arena of fire or shall I say arena of hell on earth is erected

I make the second move. I wave my right hand to make symbol of water, and from my palm water crashes into the demons. Around me air becomes a blue tornado. I knew scelestic wanted a war and a war she gets.


The End

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