Scelestic: walking

Feeling the thrill of a good plan we decided to go and try to destroy some of Kyle’s belongings, including his home. So we went to the wood to where Kyle’s house is, about a couple of miles out, in case anyone was there, or saw us. But as we started walking we hear something. It sounds like two animals fighting, but we listened closer and heard screaming, so we went to check it out. Hiding behind a tree (totally cliché) we peered in at what was happening. And surprisingly we found what seemed to be scarlet and another girl fighting in a clearing, and stood there staring at them horrified was Kyle. They were really going at each other, like some sort of catfight.

 “Oh cool” says Atrox, inappropriately. I nudge him in the ribs as we continue watching. It goes on for another couple of seconds, and when the fighting becomes more intense Kyle seems to realise what’s happening and shouts;

“STOP!” he paused for a second, and then continued,

“Why are you fighting like this? Scarlett, she’s my sister so whatever you’re thinking stop it now. And Laura, Scarlet is my, my…” but he gets interrupted by Atrox.

 “Damn never stop a catfight!” I stare at him, what the? But I had no time to ask him about it as our hiding place was given away by the idiot now known as my official boyfriend. Hey might as well get out there and get this on.

“Hey Kyle, oh and Scarlett. Who’s your little friend then?” I ask, while walking out into the clearing.

“Hey Scelestic, I could ask you the same question.”

“Atrox” he says while walking forward and pushing out that chest of his, wow. OK Scel, try not to get distracted now. But just then the girl who was fighting Scarlett, spoke, and I instantly recognised her,

“Hello Scelestic, nice to meet you here, come to destroy our lives again?” she asks. Oh, my god, Laura. No way. My voice sounds way more composed than I feel, always a good quality to have,

 “Oh hello Laura, didn’t recognise you here”

“What do you want Scelestic?” Kyle asks.

“Oh so a couple aren’t allowed to have a casual walk through a wood?”

“Didn’t think you associated yourself with other people?”

“Well boyfriends are a completely different matter.”

Scarlett interrupts: “Hey weren’t you meant to be holding a meeting or something?”

“Oh that? Couldn’t be bothered with it, we had more important things to do” me and Atrox look in each others eyes and started kissing.

“Ew please stop there before we have a demon porno show” says Scarlett. I laugh at her.

“Ok, we will leave after we settle a few things.” I smile, this is going to be fun.

“Come on demon we have heard it all before you are all talk and no action” spits Laura.

“Ow that hurt” I say sarcastically. Just then I bring up a ring of fire around us, to represent an arena. no-one is able to get out now.

The game is on.

The End

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