Scarlett:Dracula Smachula

No one should anger Dracula the way those three have just annoyed him. Thanks for that guys, now I have to deal with an angry Dracula.

But instead of looking angry, Dracula actually looks, well, i don't know how he looks. i remember that look from when he first met me, but that faded recently. In fact, ever since he met Luna...oh my Devil! Well stake me and call me Lucifer, he's in love. Oh this is rich!

"You, old man, are getting foolish."

He swivels round and glares at me.

"How dare you speak to me, your Master, in such a way!"

"Oh i was willing to tie myself to you Master, but you are in love with Luna, and she's not even Vampire! You are letting yourself go."

"I will not be spoken to like that!"

"But you will." He raised his arms to glamour me, but I swiped his magic aside and grabbed his throat. "Don't try and fight me old man. You think you are strong, but you've also taught me everything you know. You know I'm powerful, and you're scared. I can sense it through your charade."

"Scarlett!" he gasped.

"Now, because of the, time, we have shared I'll let you go, and you can chase after your love. But I'll warn you. I don't think she will be too happy when she realises." With a flick of my wrist I threw him away and vanished.

Now to find Kyle. But surely he would know I was coming. I had removed all the shields protecting the strength of my magic, and any magical creature would be able to sense it.

I materialised in the forest near to where I had left Kyle, and immediately saw him on the floor, a woman stood over him. I let out a burst of magic, but the woman rolled out of the way and fired back at me. We engaged in contact, and each of our injuries grew every second. Then Kyle's voice rang out,


The End

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