Luna: Payback

"I beg to differ" I say jumping through the door. I shiver slightly. I hate air shifting its a big tempreture change.

"Luna, may I ask what you are doing here?" Dracula says but I know he knows why. I always do this. Never get in trouble for it cause.... revenge or payback is somthing he respects.

"Payback" I say smiling. I take Ruby's wrist and put a hand on Tyler's shoulder then teleport.

We all hit the ground hard and everyone moans.

"Ah, I really need to work on that" I moan as I get to my feet. Now my body ache's even more.

Tyler and Ruby look at me shocked.

"You two better hide. He doesn't let people get away that easily" I say rolling my shoulders. "Hm, I might actually get in trouble for this one though"

I begin to walk down the alley. "Wait" Ruby shouts. I turn to face them and tilt my head. "Where are we?"

"North of the school, 2 miles" I say. "That's the furthest I've been"

I walk off and no one stops me. Hm, Jason. Where would he be?

The End

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