Ruby: Waiting

It felt like we were sitting there forever, no-one walked by the door and I still couldn't see the prescence in the room.  Tyler was still trying to get the door open.

'Are you sure your spells don't work?'

'Yes I'm sure.  There's been an enchatment put on it so we can't get out.  Someone wants us here.'  He came and sat down next to me.  'Sorry it's ended like this, I wouldn't have made you come if I'd known.

'Don't worry about it, I've just liked being with you.'  My cheeks started to go pink.

'Me too.'  I was suddenly very aware of how close we were, his cold arm was touching mine as were our knees.  I turned to look at him and his face was closer than I thought, our noses were touching.  He moved in closer like he was going to kiss me but out lips never met.

'Well isn't this a touching scene.'  A voice from out of the darkness was mocking us.  'Just out of interest, when were you going to start feeding on her?  That's my favourite bit.'  A man and a woman appeared out of the darkness.

I didn't recognise him but the girl was in our class, Scarlett.  She wasn't someone I was going to mess with.  Tyler knew who he was dealing with because he stood up protectively in front of me.

'I'm not bound to you Dracula, I'm just one of your kind, so if it's you who is keeping us here then open the door, we have nothing you want.'  Did he just say Dracula?  This was turning out to be an even weirder evening than I had expected.

'Oh but I do want something from you.  The faerie.'  He pointed at me and I shrunk back against the wall.

'You can't have her.'  Tyler advanced on the other two vampires until they were only a few feet away.

'Again you make an uninformed judgement, I can have her.'

The End

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