Soadon: Eraser's on fire, please don't tell anyone!

"Being Greek helps when you're trying to speak Latin." She was smiling. I was too, but in my mind I was terrified. If she could read this then she knew what these were! I then stopped worrying, after all, she hasn't called me out yet, maybe she didn't notice.

" So how do you say this?" I pointed to a random sentence. She took a look at it for less than a second.

"Incendo aevitas." And just like that my eraser caught on fire. I'm SOOO glad she wasn't pointed at me! I quickly made rain fall on it, but oddly that didn't work, so I grabbed a dry part of it and chucked it out the window into the river. And once again, the effing thing was still on fire. I turn to Amara.

"What exactly did that mean?"

"Burn forever, you really know nothing about this do you?"

"Not a clue!" I said with by far the dorkiest smile I've ever made.

"Well let me take a look at the book and we'll go through a few." Before I could stop her she grabbed it. With every spell her eyes widened more and more, I then began to cringe. Then she finally closed the book and saw the title, crap. "Oh my..."

I take it back. "Um, uh, well, you see, it's like this. I first picked this up as a spell book because I got bored, and then I tested a few and they worked! So I've just been having fun.... please don't tell anybody." There are three ways this could go. She could leave right now and start telling everybody, forcing me to drop out. She could not say anything about it and stop talking to me forever. Or she could keep it a secret and then I'd know we could trust each other.

She put her finger on my lips, then hers. " Don't worry about it, it's no big deal. Here, lets read a few more." Thank you luck!!! We both sat down, then my watch went off. It was five to eleven.

"Yikes time goes by fast. Come on, we're supposed to meet the other two in the basement in five minutes." She nodded, and we both ran out the door.

The End

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