Kyle: Hi I'm your sister, and I'm going to kick your A**

I turn to see a velvet haired girl with blue eyes ,the same glowing complexion , and similar scarred arm. I still couldn't believe what I had just learned.

" Did you just say little brother?"  I say regaining my former ego , and confidence despite the fact she was obviously stronger than me.

" Yes, you stupid or something , look we even have the same, brand!" She says offfended , walking closer showing me the scars on her arm.

" Uh..."

" Oh right you wouldn't know that."I could swear she tried to piss me off , " Well since everyone here say a few demons actually know what you are. I'll tell you. You've got extincts to kill demons right?"

" Yes."

" Thats because every generation we have wars with demons. Your the so called next warlord, problem is its only me and you left. Anyways getting to what we call our selves. Immortal killers."

" Lame." 

A hand goes across my face and I fly backwards into a stone wall. My face has a red palm print. 

she mutters, " What exactly was the point leaving him here?"

" Whats your name please don't let it be a lame as Immortal killer."  I say holding my face.

" I was given a putrid human name like you. Laura."

" Kyle isn't putrid." I say slightly offended

" Who cares, lets see if you actually worth something."

" Wha."  - BANG.

Dust and rubble was thrown into the the air , and  I was sure  the stone wall behind me was gone. Through the dust I could see a blueish white glow in the form of my newly found sister.

" Well  at least you dodged that." 

She disapears and I get my but off the ground only to get a fist to the stomach , and a huge energy release shooting me off into a stone ceiling. I felt like a ragdoll as I hit the ground to get kicked and thrown into another wall.

" Come on I heard you could do better! Or is it just because this plain of existance is weak and has no knowldedge of real strength?" She laughs.

Anger lights up in my body and the tables are turned.  I get up this time to intercept the punch and hold my ground, but she kicks me in the side sending me sliding across the room.

" Well you energy has focused itself but i haven't even shown you my worst." Laura smirks.

It was true though I could feel she could show more strength and I was using a fair bit of energy to just block what she calls simple attacks. I don't let her attack again and shoot a wave of energy that she struggles slightly to hold back as I go for a punch on her side. she doesn't even move or squint at the hit.

" weak." she lifts a hand and flicks me away.

For the first time I realized I didn't stand a chance.



The End

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