Amara: Greek and Latin

"I'll be right here if you want to talk," Soadon said, taking a seat at a table near me at the library.  Going to Scelestic's meeting would keep me safe from whatever her punishment would be.  Accepting Soadon's offer to crash it would be dangerous, but it would give me an excuse to spend more time with him.  Besides, from the spells I saw him doing, we'd probably be protected quite well.

I suppose this would be as good a time as any to explain my sunglasses.  Not only are they designed to block the power from my eyes, but they were enchanted by a friend of my mother's to resist several types of magic.  As long as I wear them, I'm protected from a majority of spells.  That protection would come in handy if I did wind up confronting everyone at that meeting.

"I'll join you," I told Soadon.  "A crowd of people is useless if they can't move."

He looked up from his spell book.  "Cool."  He went back to trying to pronounce a particularly difficult spell.

"You're not saying this part right," I pointed out, leaning over his shoulder.  "The consonants really have to pop for the spell to come out right."  He looked at me, seeming surprised that I knew so much about spells.  I grinned.  "Being Greek helps when you're trying to speak Latin."

The End

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