Scelestic: Atrox

Wow. I had forgotten how amazing Atrox was. When he does things, like break your heart, you can only think of the bad things, and stuff like why would he betray you? What is wrong with me? Etc.

I lean into his broad muscular body, and smell his glorious smell, yummy he smells of a burning fire and something a bit like chocolate.

 “So what is this great plan of yours then?” I ask after a while.

 “Well its, no, never mind…” he teases.

 “Hey, don’t you think I can handle it?”

 “Well…” he smiles that perfect grin at me from behind his cute floppy fringe.

 “Hey” nudge him in the ribs.

 “Ow you have sharp elbows” he says while in mimic pain, this then causes me to laugh, how much I have missed being with him.

 “Ok if you don’t tell me I’ll do it again!”

 “Ok, ok, I’ll tell you” he says putting his hands up in mock surrender.

 “Kyle has allies yes? Friends, and people who would generally back him up in a fight? And family as…”

“No, he doesn’t have any family. That are in contact with him, they can’t really anyway because they are all in hiding.”

“Ok, not family. But they build him up, help him to become strong. Also his objects and personal belongings like his house and that stupid cat. Arrgh, I hate them. Stupid little furry things that hiss and spit and claw at you.”

 I should probably fill you in. Demons hate cats, despise them. They are one of the very few things that can really leave a mark, and possibly even kill a demon. Don’t know why, they just do. One of the only other things known are dragon teeth, that was what he tried to kill me with before. The thing that left scars along my body.  

 “Hey I like your idea, destroy his morale, turn everyone against him, and then kill him when he’s at his lowest, inflicting more pan and suffering.” I give a little evil laugh and then smile to myself.

“Wow you’re so hot when you do that.”  Our eyes connect for a bit in silence, and we then kiss. Crap, is this going too fast, I pull away.

“Hey what’s wrong babe?” I sigh, why is it that he has to be so darn hot? And why did he have to go and break my heart?

“Look, I just think that you broke my heart once and that you might do it again; I want to know, will you?”

“Look, I’ve told you I’ve changed, I promise. It’s just that I was young and stupid. I promise you from the bottom of my heart I will never do that again.”



Why did I believe him? I knew that demons lie. We always do. Looking back this was probably the worst decision I had made.


The End

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