Kyle: Used?

They disapear before I could lift a finger.  Anger boiled up in me. 

"Master, You wanted me to get Kyle Marks to join us didn't you?"   I replay the scene in my head.

" Whats my welcoming gift?"

" Anything you want, Master."

Those last lines I could feel a twinge of jealousy but it was overwritten by the first one.  It ran in my head over , and over agian like a broken record, and each time my anger climbed another level.  Each level the more the wind currents became vicouse reacting to my small amounts of my energy being released. I came to the conclusion she was using me, or was Dracula using both of us?  Not much of a conclusion. But in the end it all boiled down I was beyond pissed, and in my head my last neuron snapped. I was going to kill him.

With that last thought the windcurrents around me released snapping all the tree swithin 20 meter radius of me. My blues eye changed from blue to luminisent red.  I knew dracula wouldn't make it easy to trace him , but I could still follow him even if he was trying to conceal himself.  His presence of stood apart from the others.   I found only small trace amounts of his presence all around the campus, but he forgot he had scarlett with him and I could track her if tracking him wasn't enough. When I zeroed in on where he finally stopped.  I jumped off the ground shattering the ground. Tommorow I will be there , tommorow hes going to tell me why he wants me to join him, tommorow dracula will come so close to death he will be dispersed.  Tommorow I will feel pain for the first time. 

The sun set and the moon rised , then later on the sun rose agian as I flew  closer to Dracula hide out, but when I arrived he wasn't there , actually no one was there. "Crap he duped me!" I shout angrily.

" So much like your father, little brother."  I hear a womans voice reply. Then it hit me , a force of energy as great or greater than my own.


The End

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