Luna: Task

I end up at the school and I'm worried. The school may as well be deserted.

What happened last night where is everyone?

Luna. I freeze when I hear Dracula's voice in my head. I request your presense.

I curse closing my eyes and baring my teeth angrily.

I turn on my heels heading in the direction of his presense. I find him at a rented house. His throne is already set up and..... Scarletts there.

"Hello, Luna. Feeling well" he asks calmly. My hands clench up in fists. Scarlett sits on the arm rest of the chair watching very interested.

"You know fully well how I am at the moment" I hiss. My body is heavy and it aches like hell.

He smiles then sits forward.

"I have a task for you" he says. "If you complete it I...... promise to not drink from you for a week without your consent"

"I don't make deals with you" I hiss.

"Ah, very well but you will do this task anyway" he says sitting back.

I grind my teeth and Dracula finds it some what amusing. I flick my eyes to Scarlett then back to him.

"Have you broken you side of the deal?" I ask. He looks at Scarlett then shakes his head.

"No" He says calmly. "I wouldn't risk such a prize"

He smiles once again and I really want to rip his head off. So much that it scares me. Well, I was raised by a vampire and other creatures as unholy.

"I wish you to bring Jason Mohan. I believe you are friends with him, I am in use of his...... gift" He says after a moment of consideration.

I look at Scarlett again. "Fine" I hiss turning on my heels and walking out into the hall. I slam the door behind me.

Not quick enough though.

"You're going to have to do better than that Luna" Dracula whispers.

"Aren't you ignoring your guests" I hiss trying to pull my wrists free from the wall where he's pinning them.

"Maybe.... but its worth it" He whispers. Then he kisses me. I kick up hard and he pulls back.

He glares at me. I stare scared then turn on my heels and run.

I run until I no longer can and slump to the floor on a field about a hundred miles from where I started.

Why can't he leave me alone?

The End

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